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Full-circle protection on crops and more.

Since 1966 Artes Politecnica has been established in the Italian territory and it is to this day widely present in the national and foreign market with a broad variety of anti-hail, shade and anti-insect nets. They represent an essential help to agriculture and more.

Thanks to its modern production unit counting more than 10.000 square meters of indoor activity situated in Schio (Vicenza) and articulated into several departments including an efficient weaving/warpage section, a packaging/sewing department and wide areas for warehousing, the company meets every market’s necessity with an ever-innovative product of undisputedly excellent quality.

The production of our nets not only addresses the agricultural sector and the farming industry, but it also moves its numerous implementations towards the construction industry, the bricolage, the roofing for automobiles, and hobby activities for non-professionals.

The experience acquired in supporting our clients to face and solve issues in order to maintain excellent conditions for their cultivations led ARTES POLITECNICA to produce the best existent materials on the market.

This was made possible thanks to a constant care in the making of the products, to a continuous technological improvement, to a versatility of our product and to the excellent competences of our technicians.

ARTES POLITECNICA became a valid reference and a key point not only for the horti-/floriculture’s and for the agricultural sector’s professionals, but also for the private sector, due to its commitment in constantly and rapidly supplying its clients with important assistance and suggestions.

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