Accessories for the net

Accessories for the installations



Anchoring with hexagonal helix

Anchoring Rambo

Anchoring with concrete base

Tie rods

Steel rings for net

Caps for concrete poles

Caps 7x8 9x9,5

Ventilated caps 7x8 9x9,5

Cap FR special pole 7x8 9x9,5

Caps for wooden poles Ø8-10-12-14-16

Caps for iron poles Ø60

Elastic rope and snap-hooks

Black elastic rope Ø8

Rapid snap-hooks

Steel wire and wire tightener

Steel, zinc and aluminium wire

Wire tightener


Wire thimble

Pre-stressed concrete poles

  • Section 5x5
  • Section 7x7
  • Section 7x8
  • Section 8,5x8,5
  • Section 9x9,5
  • Section 8x12
  • Section 13x14

Anti break-through plate

Anti break-through plate for iron poles

Anti break-through plate for
concrete poles

Zinc coated anti break-through
plate for concrete poles

Ligature tube

Tube tie vertical hank with mesh Ø2-8

Tube tie roll with mesh bag Ø2-3-4-5

Twist tie reel

Roll holder pouch with belt

Plastic / Steel ring knife

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