Anti-insect Net

The anti-insect net was created in order to protect entire cultivations both in greenhouses and fields from damaging pests bearing viruses (e.g. cherry fruit fly - Drosophila Suzukii, Carpocapsa, whitefly, cabbage fly, Asian palm weevil…) and to prevent these insects/parasites from damaging the crops.

Given their nature, the anti-insect nets allow to use a minimum quantity of chemical fertilizers, thus the product will grow more naturally.

Among our products, the anti-insect net is the one that requires the most innovation, research and effective solutions. The damages caused by insects and aphids are constantly changing, due to the fast evolution of these parasites, and thus always requiring better and better products. The company invested much resource in the development of anti-insect nets, making them always safer and with always higher quality standards. This allowed us to reach and maintain excellent and enviable levels of competitiveness.

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Anti-insect net 20/10

Anti-Insect Net 20/10 – 50 Mesh

Anti-insect net 20/12

Anti-Insect Net 20/12 – 55 Mesh

Anti-insect net 40/10

Anti-Insect Net 40/10 – 70 Mesh

Alt Carpo 4x4

Alt Carpo 4x4

Stop Drosophila Normal

Stop Drosophila Normal

Stop Drosophila Super

Stop Drosophila Super

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