Shade net

The shade nets are not just a barrier against the sun, they also protect against wind, sand and salt. Seen the continuous climate and season changes, shade nets are more and more necessary in order to protect the cultivations.

The shade nets also contribute to anticipate or to postpone the ripening/blossoming of the crops and to guarantee a uniform solar spreading. They are available in various densities: 30%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 90% diagonal.

The shade nets 90% and 90% diagonal are particularly appreciated since they make a strong screen, preventing the sunlight to go through. They are widely used also in the non-professional sector to create car covers and privacy zones.

Shade nets are available in a wide range of colours according to the thread density. These include black, green/black, crystal, white, grey and blue.

Windbreak net

The presence of strong and long-lasting winds can damage heavily the agricultural sector. Artes’ windbreak nets create an innovative and modern barrier that blocks/limits the action and the power of this atmospheric agent.

They are suitable for every type of cultivation and installation, and help settling the wind speed, reducing it by approximately 80%.

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Shade net 30%

Shade net 50%

Shade net 75%

Shade net 90% camping

Shade net 90% diagonal

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