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Vineyard Net​ – 4×4 White

Hail net 4x4 has a smaller mesh size compared to a standard hail net, thus it grants a better protection against very small hail stones on table grapes and grapes to be dried (e.g. grape for raisin wine). It also protects against birds and dangerous insects, like the Asiatic stink bug. White color, unlike crystal, offers a better protection against sunburns, while keeping the shading to a minumum.

Net color: White
Weaving: Leno weave
Shading: 22%
Mesh size: 5,50x2,50 mm
Weight: 55 g/sqm
Standard widths: Upon request
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing
Application type: Hail, Sunburns, Vineyard