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The necessity to protect the cultivations more susceptible to cracking, like cherries, plums and wild berries, brought Artes to research and develop a more effective and complete double protection system which grants an almost compete water permeability.

Unlike the plastic film, Artes acqua-stop net protects from wind, rain, frost, sun rays, temperature leaps and insects, such as Drosophila Suzukii, Cochineal and Aphids.

reti Rete Acqua Stop White - Artes Politecnica

Acqua Stop Nets




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reti Rete Acqua Stop disegno - Artes Politecnica

Acqua Stop Net

Acqua Stop net was designed as an alternative to the plastic film to protect the fruit from cracking and has many advantages: a good air flow, lower temperatures in summer, protection against hail and more. The net can be installed either on monorrow systems or monoblocks and can be sewn on the sides with hail nets or anti-insect nets.
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All anti-cracking nets