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Acqua Stop Net


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Acqua Stop Net

Acqua Stop net was designed as an alternative to the plastic film to protect the fruit from cracking and has many advantages. Since it's a woven net and not a plastic film the air flow is not blocked, but encouraged: this prevents the build-up of moisture and helps to keep constant and controlled temperatures inside the installation. Furthermore, if it's installed at the right incline, you can have almost a totally waterpoof effect even with only one layer of net. The small amount of droplets that eventually get through the net is broken from the tight mesh of this net, and it becomes a slight mist which doesn't damage the fruit.

The net can be installed either on monorrow systems or monoblocks and can be sewn on the sides with hail nets or anti-insect nets.

Net color: White
Shading: 22%
Mesh size: 0,03x0,94 mm
Weight: 250 g/sqm
Standard widths: 2,00-2,50-3,00 X 200 m in length
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing
Application type: Frost, Rain control