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Hail Net Total Grey ®


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Total Grey ®

Hail net color TOTAL GREY® is the result of a long study and a special blend created by Artes to grant optimal fruit coloring and avoid at the same time sunburns. Beside the color, it's also special for the thicker thread diameter, that allows the net to withstand even stong hail storms and other severe weather events.

Type 7x3 has standard lateral reinforcements from 5 to 8 cm wide, depending on the net width, and doesn't have any reinforcement in the middle. Type Austria has standard lateral reinforcements 14 cm wide and a central reinforcement 10 cm wide. Width, reinforcements and shading factor may be customized upon request.

Weaving system: Leno weave
Shading: 12%
Mesh size: 3,00x7,00 mm / 2,80x8,50 mm
Weight: 52 g/sqm
Standard widths: See “hail net 7x3” and “Hail net type Austria”
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing
Application type: Hail, Orchards, Sunburns