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Anti-Aphids 20/12 – White

Thanks to its tight mesh size, anti aphids net 20/10 was studied to protect the crops from the tiniest insects, e.g. aphids. Color milk white gives a good light refraction and helps the ripening of the crops, while protecting from sunburns. It's largely used as monobloc cover on greenhouses and it's customizableon request, e.g. with straps or zippers.

Net color: White
Weaving system: Leno weave
Shading: 20%
Mesh size: 0,25x0,75 mm
Weight: 140 g/mq
Standard widths: 1,00-1,50-2,00-2,50-3,00-4,00- 5,00 X 100 m in length
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing