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Anti-Aphids 20/12 (55 Mesh) – White

Anti Insect Net 20/12 was developed to protect the crops from tiny insects, like aphids. Color milk white favors a good light refraction and helps the ripening of the fruits/vegetables white avoiding sunburns. it's mainly used to cover greenhouses and it's customizable on request, for example with velcro strap or zippers.

Net color: White
Weaving: Leno weave
Shading: 20%
Mesh size: 0,25x0,55 mm
Weight: 150 g/sqm
Standard widths: 1,00-1,50-2,00-2,50-3,00-4,00- 5,00 X 100 m in length
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing
Application type: Aphids, Insects, Other insects