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Hail Net 7×3 – White

Hail net color white is optimal when there's lack of fruit coloring. Unlike crystal nets, the matt color protects more against sunburns, while keeping the shading to a minimum.

Type 7x3 has standard lateral reinforcements from 5 to 8 cm wide, depending on the net width, and doesn't have any reinforcement in the middle. Width, reinforcements and shading factor may be customized upon request.

For widths ≥ 2,75 please check hail net type Austria.

Net color: White
Weaving: Leno weave
Shading: 10%
Mesh size: 3,00x7,00 mm
Weight: 48 g/sqm
Standard widths: 0,50 – 0,80 – 1,00 – 1,10 – 1,25 - 1,50 – 1,80 – 2,00 – 2,50 – 2,75 X 1000 m in length
*Other widths can be reached by means of cut and/or sewing
Application type: Birds, Gardens, Hail, Orchards, Sunburns